IFMA Sustainability | SFP (Sustainable Facilities Professional) Certification Rollout

This year the San Francisco chapter of IFMA launched a major new initiative on Sustainability, including additional skill elements for the CFM certification and a new Sustainable Facilities The San Francisco chapter now has its own initiative for 2012.

Next year’s plan includes events, education and outreach to help promote the adoption of sustainable practices in Facilities Management. One element of the plan is the IFMA-SF Sustainability Minute, an opportunity for chapter members to participate in a short video recording at programs on a sustainability subject they know and believe in. The concept is to create an informal, informative and engaging one-minute talk on a specific issue and provide expert tips on what FMs should do to incorporate sustainable practices into their daily work lives. The videos will be promoted nationally through our chapter website and social media campaign. Accompanying the video, the featured speaker will also contribute to our blog. The blog post will expand on the video’s subject with links to informational resources accompanied with a short bio.

A chapter Sustainability Committee has been formed to implement the Sustainability 2012 initiative. We welcome the participation of anyone who would like to help out. Our goal is to have IFMA-SF be a national leader in the drive to bring more sustainable practices to the profession of Facilities Management.

Richard Hodges
IFMA-SF Sustainability 2012 Chair

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