Sustainable Landscaping ROI

Bay-Friendly | Eco-Friendly Landscaping Alternatives Lead to Cost Savings

You can save a considerable amount of building management costs by installing sustainable landscaping. By planting employee gardens, replacing turf with microclimate sustainable ground cover, using Bay-Friendly plant palettes, re-using green waste as compost and using advanced weather-based ET controllers when watering, you can save anywhere from 2.5 – 9% annually. On budgets of $100 million or more, that can represent savings in excess of $9 million a year! When you can show these kinds of cost reductions to your executive team that makes you as a facility or property manager worth your weight in gold.

In this video, ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance partnered with Electronic Arts in Redwood Shores to implement the following GREEN landscaping solutions:

  • Irrigation Retrofits
  • Sustainable Plant Replacement
  • Herb/Vegetable Garden Conversion and Creation
  • EA realized the following benefits and cost savings:
  • Total annual savings of 1,102,552 gallons of water
  • Reduction of 9,450 pounds of green waste per year
  • Production of 416 pounds of edible vegetables and herbs per year

If you go GREEN, you can expect your organic waste generated from landscaping to drop an average of 5% per year; gas costs based on sustainable tree pruning techniques to drop 2.5% per year on average and water consumption per square foot to go down an average of 9% a year. Depending on how aggressively you pursue green landscaping recommendations, you could enjoy even more resource savings.

Three Steps You Can Take Toward Sustainable Landscaping:

  1. Plant landscapes suitable to the micro climate or native to the area for greater sustainability
  2. Replace turf and energy-intensive plant materials with San Francisco Bay-Friendly and sustainable plant palettes
  3. Plant chef and employee organic gardens on site

Have you integrated a sustainable landscaping solution in your facility or property? Share with us any other methods we may have not covered.

Nada Duda, Sr. Vice-President
ValleyCrest Landscaping Management

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