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Event Description:

In order to make strategic decisions regarding their real estate, law firms are in need of effective solutions that can help them better comprehend their workspace. Maptician offers a range of tools that enable firms to gain a better understanding of their floor plan management, as well as the actual in-office metrics that determine the true use of space. Additionally, Maptician provides a comprehensive range of solutions that are simple to implement, thus enabling faster and more efficient utilization of the software.

How can facilities professionals help their firms make better, strategic decisions about their space optimization?

Please join IFMA San Francisco, Maptician, and host firm, Hanson Bridgett, for a fabulous evening featuring the 4 C’s:  cuisine, cocktails, colleagues—and conversation!

Join Maptician’s COO, AshLea Allberry, as she shares the innovative workplace analytics offered by the company. Learn how facilities professionals can use these tools to gain actionable insights about capacity trends and cost efficiency, which can inform decisions about people and space optimization. Additionally, discover the unique floor planning and management capabilities of Maptician, including ideation on points of interest, safety planning, and information technology infrastructure display management. This presentation will also cover Maptician’s Conference Room Management, Space Planning, Visitor Management, and Desk Booking features, making it a comprehensive discussion of the opportunities you may want to explore with Maptician.

We’ll kick off the evening with cocktails and cuisine at 5:30; AshLea will take the floor around 6pm, so don’t be late.

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